Broncos Beat: Blazer Takes the Reins

Life changes in an instant. For the lives of 53 men in Broncos uniforms, countless staff in Denver, and the entire XCFL, another of those instances occurred when Ace Blazer took the reins of the Broncos organization. Contracted as Head Coach, he will also perform as the General Manager and Head of Football Operations for the organization. And true to his work ethic, as soon as he got the call, he went immediately to work.

The roster was assessed, position assignments corrected (specifically Chris Harris returned to his CB position and Boddy-Calhoun returned to his S position), and the depth chart set. The true and accurate assessment came in Blazer’s debut against the Raiders. A defensive game for three quarters had Denver in control but the defense ran out of gas in the fourth and the offensive line was unable to provide young QB DeCicco the time he needed to work. Oakland left Colorado with a 24-9 victory to leapfrog Denver in the standings.

Rookie QB DeCicco

Coach Blazer has made it clear from day one that this is DeCicco’s team. If the Broncos can rally around their leader on the field, they will find success. That confidence has done wonders for team chemistry already as new coaches occasionally do not buy in to the previous regime’s plans. Blazer has emphasized that this is a roster very capable of winning with some minor tweaks likely. But those will come in time as the focus is now on Tennessee and then a signature game against old rival, in more ways than one, the Los Angeles Chargers.

Expectations have been set. An 8-8 season is the target, a strong offseason with the two first round picks, and next year to compete in earnest for the division title. Mile high hopes in Denver…

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