Howdy fellas its you boy back with another edition go the “Big Blue View” The Giants enter the bye week with a record of 2-5. Not the type of season we wanted but we definitely have some bright spots that make us excited for the future of Giants football.

Rookie QB Bryce Heppner has been balling out even if it doesn’t consist of winning. Bryce lead the whole XCFL in passing yards with 2117. Bryce has thrown 12 TDs this season and 8 of them were caught be his favorite target named Odell Beckham. Odell has also been lights out with 41 catches for 815 yards and 8 TDs. Odell is in 2nd in the XCFL in yards just behind the rookie wideout out of Green Bay named Berry Brooks. 2nd year Line Backer Lorenzo Carter also leads the league in tackles with 34.

Some of you may be wondering “how do we still suck with all these guys putting up huge number?” Well you see i blame it on the ground game. Saquan Barkley hasn’t been able to get anything going this season with just 1 game over 100 yards and that came against the winless Dolphins last week. Saquan has been bottled up all year and i blame the lack of rush yards on that Oline. Hopefully Coach Chad keys on that in the draft this year but who knows what he’ll do. I also would like to point out that our record could be completely different if some things went our way.

We lost to the Eagles in OT because of a fumble by star wide receiver Odell Beckham. We were in the redzone late in the game vs the Jets but Heppner turned the ball over like he loves to do more then id like. And we also lost two close games to the Bears and Bills. If a few things went our way we could easily have a winning record right now. Chadwick also made a huge move bringing in LE Chris Jones.

They acquired him from the Chiefs for a 2nd and a 5th round pick. I think the Giants made this move for the young LE so that he can start taking snaps away from Oliver Vernon and eventually assume the starting role. The remanding Schedule is not that challenging and maybe we could string together some wins. It starts off with a 3 game road trip against all the division rivals after the bye week. Stay tune Giants fans and lets hope Big Blue can turn this season around!

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