Big Blue Has a Next 3

Qb Bryce Heppner will be leading the Giants into a brutal 3 game stretch. They got Green Bay, Atlanta and New Orleans back to back to back. All 3 teams have won at least one super bowl. We got to sit down with the man the my the legend, Head Coach Michael Chadwick for his thoughts on these upcoming games.

Q: So Chaddy what’s the gameplan going into these next 3 games?

A: Well you obviously seen how much Hepp B has been ballin so we are goin air raid all day on these losers. Obj will have 400 combined yards and Eazy E will be up there to.

Q: I know you have bad blood with all 3 of these coaches, who do u want to be the most.

A: in order, Nick, Josh, Brent. They don’t give me the credit I deserve and we will be sitting at 4-0-1 after these and we will have people talkin about the team in Jersey.

Q: you shaking hands after these games?

A: no shot. Next Question

Q: What is your goal for this season?

A: Have a better record then those queers over in Massachusetts.

Q: When you and Eagle finally get the chance for another game who comes out on top?

A: me by 30, u see that kid play? He had like 2 wins in the AFC East. Horrendous, hurts to watch that team go from this story franchise to the bottom of the barrel.

Q: How many wins you think you guys will get this season?

A: 15 and 1 tie.

well there you have it folks chaddy daddy is ready to make brent josh and nick actually call him daddy. Happy Holidays people stay lit.

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