Bears Nation Week 1

Wentz Struggles With INTs

In his first game back after the best season of his career and a late season ending injury in the playoffs, Wentz struggled with some accuracy issues.  His 16-24 for 229 had its good moments but the 3 interceptions should have cost the Bears the game.  2 of the turnovers were in field goal range with one coming in the endzone.  Wentz was trying to force things and not taking what was given.  He was trying to make everything happen and make up for lost time.  Refocusing will be the top priority in the next couple weeks.

Defense plays lights out

This victory was on the shoulders the kicker and this aging defense.  Giving up only 129 yards and 70 of them on the only scoring drive of the game.  The defense was given a gift as Star TE Riley Peake was hurt early on a big catch and run.  The defense was able to put pressure on the on the quarterback and shut down the run game.  The Bengals did a great job of not turning the ball over but had Trouble converting 3rd downs.

Moving on and Looking Forward

After the disappointing loss in the playoffs the Bears played a bit too reckless in their first game back.  They need to stay healthy and get this stable of Hbs in a groove.  CMC was injured after rallying about 60 total yards in the first half but his absence was another opportunity for Darren Stone who looks to be taking that RB3 spot from Cohen and Bailey.  Next up Is the dangerous Seahawks who are now led by veteran Andrew Luck.

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