Arrowhead Pride: Top 5 Teams To Avoid In Team Draft

Top 5 Teams To Avoid

  1. Giants – Losing Odell is a major reason this team is on the list. They still have Barkley and Engram, but the key reason they are on this list is the QB situation is terrible. Manning will be mediocre at best, and will be on the verge of retirement, and Jones is a joke and will be free agent after a couple seasons. In a division with Jack (most likely as redskins), and talented Eagles and Cowboys teams, this is definitely a team to avoid. User Prediction: Only person dumb enough to take these turds is Giants fan boy himself Mike Chadwick
  2.  Dolphins – Only positive about taking the Dolphins is the lack of talent on the Teams in the AFC East. The only player to be concerned about is Brady, and no one knows how long he will last in the game before retiring. The Dolphins have Rosen as a QB but we don’t know what kind of drop off in stats he will take in madden 20. There really isn’t much talent at all on this roster. User Prediction: Jason Francis
  3.  Bills – The Bills will have a decent defense with Oliver, Edmonds, and White, but the offense is a shit show. They have a QB who still doesn’t know whether he is a QB or a below average RB. Whoever takes this team will be relying completely on the defense bailing them out at all times. The main reason this team even makes the list is because Josh Allen is a turd. My boy Rob will learn very quickly that none of these TEs are a Riley Leake.                                  User Prediction: Robert Morlock
  4.  Titans – This team makes the list not only for their lack of a talented roster but also because of the fact that all the other teams in their division have nice rosters. They have the Jags who will have one of the best defenses in the game, and the Colts who will have one of the better offenses. Mariota will be average as will Derrick Henry. This is definitely a team to avoid. User Prediction: User Prediction: Greg Banowski
  5.  Steelers – The main reason this team is in the top 5 is because of what the early predictions of this division looks like. Tosh and Regan are almost locks to take the Browns and Ravens. The Bengals have some decent weapons that could also propose a threat. Whoever takes the Steelers will have a tough time winning this division or finishing in the top 2 for that matter. Not to mention Big Ben is getting older and we don’t know how much longer he will last either. User Prediction: Nick Zapatka


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