Ace’s Smack Talk Spotlight Game 1

Occasionally a game gets hyped up and it just cannot be ignored. Not the #fakenews fabricated media-driven hyperbole that is so common today but the organic, grassroots, schoolyard fist fight type scuffle that you can’t help but cheer for and those are the games that I intend to spotlight. They may not occur every week and if you have to ask for it, it’s not worthy, but when you see them, you just know they need a spotlight.

That indeed was the case in week 12 of the 2019 XCFL season in a matchup sending the Redskins to LA to butt heads with the Rams. The lip smacking started early from the Washington Twitter account, shots fired with a “we don’t concern ourselves with teams that are .500” blast. But it didn’t stop there… Redskins leadership continued the assault with a butt-whooping prediction followed by the proclamation that he had “bought a piece of real estate inside the head” of Rams @AirV23. And that is when the spotlight was warmed up…


The scene was set. An unusually overcast day in Southern California on a late November Sunday afternoon. A packed Coliseum hoping their beloved Rams could answer the douchebaggery of the Redskins bluster with a victory. And for nearly three quarters those hopes were well-founded. The Rams in their classic blue unis with yellow trim were hanging tough, a relentless front 7 leading the attack with constant presence and pressure in the backfield. The Skins sporting a throwback look and politically-correct helmet choice were held in check with the score 10-3 Washington.

And then the wheels came off. A lapse in composure, the pressure of holding back an aggressor could be resisted no more. 2 mindless mistakes in passing decisions by Goff leading to interceptions and a KR TD by Chris Thompson proved to be blows the Rams would not recover from and in a matter of just a few game minutes, the game was lost, the smack talk backed up, and the underdog beaten. Final score, 27-13 Washington Redskins.

There were standout performances on both sides of the ball. You can’t observe Washington and not notice that Derrius Guice is their bell cow, their workhorse, and whatever other farm animal you can use to indicate a heavy workload. His final stat line: 19 carries, 2 catches, 116 total yards, 2 TDs.


Despite losing, you could not watch the game and not notice Luke Kuechly for the Rams. The numbers are not jaw dropping, but the eyeball test showed him to be a factor on nearly every down he played. Stats: 4 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 INT, 1 PD, 1 FR

Luke K

Great game guys.

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  1. Jim McMillen
    Jim McMillen

    This was a great write up. Looking forward to future ones.

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