What is My Rank

About the XCFL

The XCFL Ranking System

*Rookie Rank trades will be looked at very closely and may be denied if the league feels it is not a great trade.

*Probation Rank Members may not use custom playbooks and must follow trade chart in rules.

*If a current member leaves the league and they are below Hall of Fame status they would fall back to starter rank if and when they decided to rejoin.

*To move up in rank members must contact the staff and let them know when they have the required number of seasons accumulated.

Hall of Fame (Members with 5+ seasons & voted to HoF)
Legend Rank (Members with 5+ seasons accumulated)
Starter Rank (Members with 1-4 seasons accumulated)
Rookie Rank (Must have at least 7 games in)
Probation (for up-to 7 games – more if violations accrue)

Hall of Fame

Steelers – Jim McMillen
Jaguars – Dan Whitehead
Lions – Nick Larson
Retired – Brent Foster

Legend Rank 

Colts – shwhite86
Texans – Boone
Buccaneers – AirV23
Titans – Kradosxx
Jets – Dleon963
Raiders – JUSTwinBABY
Vikings – Bano Ferreira Jr
Redskins – Jack Tyler
Cowboys – Josh Hannah
Eagles – Smooth Grizzly

Starter Rank

Saints – Sountouchble
Falcons – TheAlphaHEEL7
Ravens – The Prince 5
Rams – Justin Holland
49ers – Chris Schmidt
Bears – Kyle
Panthers – Pmill1724
Seahawks – Jared D Smith
Patriots – Will Gomes
Broncos – Buttermeelk
Giants – Zethious
Cardinals – Mike D’ Duff

Rookie Rank

Bengals – Penny
Packers – Hammer27mba
Dolphins – Jmo31 (Started week 11)
Browns – Vanflank – (Started Week 12)


Bills – V1OL3NTBYD3S1GN – (Started Week 14)
Chiefs – Proph Tigga (Started week 2)