Skol Focus – Offseason Special edition

Vikes Offseason Future-
Heading into the Offseason with what looks to be about 25million dollars in Cap Space,
Free Agency Target’s

-Lockdown the Linebacker Positions we were outbid last season on both Mosely and Barr, we cant allow it again this season HAVE TO, HAVE TO, HAVE TO, obtain someone willing to eat the entire middle of the field up.
Add Securities to Saftey and CB Positons
– looking to obtain one Brandon Browner type Corner to cover the likes of Jayvon Goss and Riley Leake, decent overall without overpaying, to get someone to handle clean route runners, we feel that the speed we have at corner back is invaluable, would like to maintain that.
Roshawn Griffith is Paying dividends for us, worked his way up to an 87 overall after his 2nd full season, hell look to be a Huge factor for the Vikes this upcoming season on his quest to an Elite Defensive End.

-Rumor has it that Coach Brackett is considering moving Fuller, or Tyreek, or Both. Has he lost his mind or settled into the fact that he doesn’t need them to win? with teams flooding the hotline looking to obtain pieces available. who will be the highest bidder? is this another Buehler ploy ?
is there someone willing to step up to the plate?

Of course the mismatches offset the cost, being able to be bailed on by excellent route running AND speed is an exceptional tool. Having an offense geared to be able to score 35+ point per game means very little if were letting up 36 points.
We went and sent lattimore away for tyreek last season, who has proved to be a danger in the return game even in his advanced age. While losing Lattimore certainly didn’t help our defense, unfortunately it didn’t really hurt it much either, which points to us needing more then just the one Lock down corner. he needs help.
it appears were going to be playing a version of the popular flick Moneyball this offseason as our first 3 draft picks are gone in trades from years prior. looking at 4th,5th and 6th rd picks this season coach brackett has to get a plan underway… and SOON.
its not time to panic, since the arrival of brackett this vikes team has been on the rise each season but it is time to start considering how to make the next leap, into a winning franchise before we look at being contenders.

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