As another season wraps up, playoffs hopes have been dashed, some way sooner than expected.  Most of the faces returning to the dance are familiar, but we just can’t deny that there were teams we expected to be amongst the best at the end.  We’ll take a look at those who failed expectations. 


1. New Jets (Jared) – from a top seed in the AFC to a top 10 pick.  What in the hell happened to Jared?  Easy answer would be the regression of Chance Page.  He went from the most decorated QB last season to abysmal.  A 4 point drop in completion percentage and almost doubling interceptions thrown from 18 to 32 would do it.  Also coming into question is the trade that moved Jamal Adams and Gareef McBride out for an OLB and WR.  Passing was never a problem for Jared so the acquisition of a WR was questionable.  Losing two elite players in Adams and McBride hurt the team and is a big reason why the Jets severely underachieved. 


2. Houston Texans (Boone) – part of the disappointment is the self-administered hype, another is the bounty of picks in the top 100.  Boone finally fell backwards into the odds of drafting a QB and found his in Evan Leach.  The passing numbers support that move as the Texans are currently #2 in passing offense.  The problem is that Boone focused squarely on the offense in the draft and saw his passing defense get shredded to the tune of 3rd worst in the league.  When 14 of your 15 transactions on the season are on the offensive side of the ball, that’s an issue.  Not sure what the biggest obstacle is for Boone, himself or Brian.

*Now after eliminating him in the playoffs, can confirm he’s his own worst enemy**


3. Seattle Seahawks (VBD) – there’s a quote by Sandy Sandy that says, “the key to mastery is through repetition”.  For VBD and his 9 other Madden leagues, that message was lost on him.  We give him crap because of these other leagues.  With that much experience, the expectation is so much higher.  Another quote by Tony Robbins, “repetition is the mother of all skill”.  Again, we are face to face with disappointment in VBD’s Madden success.  At 60-36, the record is very admirable, but with someone who has around 13,000 M19 hours logged, that 0 in the SB column is very glaring. 


4. Denver Broncos (Ace) – XCFL’s Pacific island native is much better than what he’s shown.  Watching his games, the defense has been subpar considering the talent on that side of the ball.  To me, questionable trades have hampered the growth of the team.  I’m still baffled that CB stud, Fairley, was moved especially a running back.  I get that it was for Guice, but Guice was more of a product of Jack’s running skills.  The trade of Pinkston was big as well.  The return was good, but not enough considering where the league is at in the cycle.  Making the deal for Mariota was a combination of feel good Lifetime Network hometown boy coming home story and frustration with DeCicco.  Trades based on emotion rarely pan out.  Ace will never roll over for anyone which still makes him dangerous.  I anticipate a rejuvenated Ace to make a comeback in M20.  3 months to sit in the corner and think about what he did. 

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