2024 Year in Review: Team with a Porpoise

By now the training wheels are off and O’Rodriguez has almost grasped the intricacies and expectations for the league.  Going into the full 3rd season, the Dolphins have again played ahead of expectations.  Consecutive 11-5 seasons have proven that this team isn’t a fluke, yet bad losses throughout the year show that this isn’t a team to be feared yet.  Consistency is pillar for O’Rodriguez.  From his time at seminary school to his missionary trips to Cote d’Ivoire, consistency has been at the forefront of everything O’Rodriguez has stood for.  Through the bad losses were great wins, Jets, Seahawks, Bills, Titans, Texans to name a few.  Claiming the division crown was an achievement O’Rodriguez never expected to achieve this cycle, but he has given himself some clout going into the next cycle. 

 2024 Offensive Team MVP: QB Anthony Ripkowski

Establishing career highs in yardage, completion percentage and QB rating speaks highly of “Rips” maturation as an XCFL QB.  A change in ownership and offensive scheme never deterred Ripkowski into adapting under the new regime.  No longer required to outright win games due to a focused running attack and bend, but don’t break defense, Ripkowski was asked to Trent Dilfer the offense to success.  With a division crown under his belt, he has done what was asked.  With an interception rate of an astonishing 4% on 262 completions, Ripkowski was decisive and safe with the ball giving his team a chance every game as every loss this season was a one score loss. 

 2024 Defensive Team MVP: DE Charles Harris

We’re not sure what got into Harris, but 22 sacks later we will take it.  A draft focused on defense possibly re-lit a passion under Harris and that the win now lip service was not just that.  Lining up 1st round pick DT Vaughn Ponder next to Harris freed up the DE to wreak havoc with his precise speed rushing abilities.  The Dolphins finished 12th in total defense, the highest the defense has finished in 18 seasons.  We’re hoping to see more from Harris as the defense continues on the path to O’Rodriguez overhaul. 

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