2021 XCFL Top 5 Rookies to Watch

In case you have been living under a rock, the fresh intake of rookies every year into the XCFL is one of the most exciting times to be an owner. As everyone scrambles and plots a way to get that cannot miss prospect to bolster their team, there are going to winners and losers as well as new stars and busts.

With our owners focusing so much on their own teams during this hectic offseason time, I have created this article to looking at my personal top 5 rookies out of the 2021 XCFL draft class, in a bid to help make you aware of some young potential future stars.

#5 – Jacorie Medlin – MLB – GB

Medlin is the perfect mixture of size and speed that you need from a prototypical MLB. He joined an already strong defense off the back off a Superbowl win, and he is already making noise with 2 interceptions and plenty of tackles through 4 games. (How did Nick get this guy smh)

#4 – Norman Buehler – QB – MIN

Stormin’ Norman joined Minnesota drafted #1 overall after they parted ways with Kirk Cousins. Buehler’s raw physical traits could not be passed on at #1, as he has a cannon for an arm. His stats through three games are yet to set the world alight, but with weapons such as D.J Moore and Adam Theilen to throw to, I am expecting this guy to have a great career in the XCFL.

#3 – Tarquin Flynn – CB – NYJ

In any other draft so far, this guy would have stolen the show. At only 21 years old and electric speed this guy is a difference maker straight out of college. For a rookie, his coverage stats are good and will only improve. He will for sure be in the spotlight in New York, especially on the Jets Defense. He is yet to register his first career interception, but a handful of deflections have the Jets fans excited with their rookie.

#2 – Ja’Darius Figurs – WR – ATL

The Falcons made a move minutes before the draft started to move up to #4 to grab this guy and its clear to see why. Figurs has lightning acceleration out of the box and with superstar development the sky is the limit for this young man. He has already made a big impact across from star WR Calvin Ridley, with 415 yards and 5 TD’s through 4 games.

#1 – Akeem Spriggs – CB – NE

Akeem Spriggs, AKA ‘Spriggzilla’ is a monster of a man. At 6’1 and amazingly fast, any team in the league would have loved to have drafted this guy to their roster. Luckily for Jon Eagle, he is trash so he was able to select him at #2 in the draft. Spriggs is only registered as playing in 2 games so far this season, where he has 1 interception and double digit tackles.

If you think someone else should have been included on this list, feel free to let me know. I hope you enjoyed!

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