2021 Midway point Rookie Jersey sales

  1. Ja’Darius Figurs WR ATL- This guy is getting a lot of hype and so far it’s been deserved. Falcons are hoping he could help Matt Ryan avoid another 28-3 collapse, if they ever make it back to a Super Bowl.
  2. Gordon Federkeil QB JAX- This guy just slings bombs to DJ Chark and it works. Jags fans are all in, but skeptics around the league are wondering if it’s a Megatron-Stafford situation where the WR makes the QB look good.
  3. Parker Hudson SS IND- Each QB plays 8 games a year and their HB averages 3.5 per carry, who else are they gonna rep?
  4. Jacorie Medlin MLB GB- Of all the gear you need to buy to punch your official bandwagon card, you’re going to grab the rookie linebacker jersey?
  5. Deontae Hubbard HB DET- This guy is going to need the jersey sales with the 5 game absence destroying any chance of his contract incentives.
  6. Akeem Spriggs CB NE- Pats fans are known to be extremely loyal since 2001. You know your team is in line to draft at the very top when you have a corner topping jersey sales.
  7. Berry Hemsley HB BUF- All the Rawls and Allen jerseys probably have too many beer and blood stains from the stadium wrestling table matches, so it was time for a fresh one.
  8. Craig Borland QB TB- The way he’s starting out you better have bought this one with the Fansedge jersey assurance policy.
  9. Paul Brockel MLB HOU- Fans don’t know who they are going to see with all the suspensions so they decided to grab someone on the suspension free defense, to be safe.
  10. Tarquin Flynn CB NYJ- After buying out all the NYJ Polos on Fansedge to celebrate their new coach regime, Jets fans have felt rejuvenated enough in their fandom to grab the Flynn gear.
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