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Chiefs get first win under new Coach 24-10

(AP) Kansas City, MO – The Chiefs came into week week 12 looking for answers with just 2 wins on the season and a new coaching staff as...
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XCFL Most Likely To: AFC
Whats up fellas, me and the bum they call Jon Eagle have something good for you...
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XCFL Most Likely To: NFC
We have some new faces along with the old faces around here so this may help...
Miami DolphinsTeam News
Fans Ripping-Kowski
DOLPHINS DIGEST – Like being a Dolphins  fan? Like being that fan that critics keep dissing...

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Tosh’s Impact ratings

In football (real life and madden) there are certain plays that define a game.  Plays that turn the momentum or set the tone.  A...


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